Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I decided “getting old” just isn’t my thing.

Nothing makes you feel the weight of your years like your children. They know nothing, yet have all the answers. Their music is “better” (also known as worse), their TV and tech is almost out of reach if you are over 35 (I am) and they have boundless wells of energy and seem to be able to not sleep. Me? well the concept of mid-afternoon naps sound like a heavenly way to a complete day.

I frequently hear people ‘my age’, namely those part of Generation X (those born between 1961 and 1981) say things like, “us old folks got to stick together” and “kids these days’ and other old fart bag statements that make the person saying them like they have one foot in the grave. It hints at a old, grumpy person’s mentality that I just don’t adopt. 

I won't.

At 46, I workout more, eat better and watch more (and admittedly cooler) movies than the teenagers in my my life. I also play more video games, watch more sports, do more things that bring my life joy and meaning than they ever have. “Me time” is essential for healthy longevity and I plan to keep that going. It works. When asked about my age I always say “guess”, I have gotten everything from late 20’s to mid and late 30’s. Hah! See? Either 40 really is the new 30 or the youthful way I live my life is paying dividends. Or I could just have some decent genetics.

Be mindful I am NOT in denial. Again, I am confidently able to state my age; 46 in case you missed it, and to me, there is a huge canyon of difference between "growing up" and being an adult.

Sure ‘kids come first’ and ‘everything I do is of them’ those are both true. What is also true is my teens don’t have a lackadaisical Dad who sits on the couch, drinking, smoking and wailing about the “good old days.” No I’m the Dad taking them to the opening night premieres, the Comic Cons, watching (and playing) sports, checking grades online (that's not very popular with them but whatever) and sitting and talking with them whenever possible. Heck I even co-host a gamer podcast to discuss the video games I play with them. Yeah, I’m that Dad. 

I’m too busy, too enthralled with my world, my art, writing and design, my job, blogs, my love life, my love of entertainment and my growing “where I want to go” list of travel to worry about ‘getting old.’

Sure I’m aging, but getting old is a way different mindset and I decided long ago, It just ain’t for me. Listen, I’d love to chat more but I’m heading out on a raid in Destiny and the kids are telling me my online fire team is waiting for me. 

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