Monday, February 27, 2012

LEGO Creativity

Those little colorful bricks have built more than toys since 1891

If you never played with Legos as a child, please stop doing whatever you are doing right now–even reading this blog post!—and go to your nearest toy store and buy a basic $40.00 set. This is NOT a request! You have (somehow) missed a critical, viable part of childhood and you need to be saved!
Prepare for the Raptor

LEGOs have become the symbol of imagination and creativity since their invention in 1891. Created by Danish inventor, Ole Kirk Christiansen, the company is named after the toy. LEGO from the Danish phrase leg godt or play well.

No I don't mean the ones that are in preconceived play sets like Harry Potter, Star Wars or Batman. Those to me are marketed to Children with no imagination or adults who need to be reminded of the possibilities of of the toy so they can be persuaded to buy them for their tykes.
Tanks for everything

No this post is dedicated to Imagination. To the hours of fun re-imagining my LEGOs into whatever I could envision–space ships, astronauts, futuristic armies, laser guns. Yeah, yeah these are all weapons and LEGOs are about building
Plane & simple
things–thanks for judging me. Your armchair psychiatry is much appreciated. Now please head down the hall to room 0 where all the closed minded people are playing with dolls and firetrucks. Thanks for coming!

As a father, an advertiser and professional creative, I would have given anything to work on the LEGO toy account. And, since I have NOT done an ad review in a while, this is the perfect opportunity to share some real gems from the world of advertising promoting what is arguably the world's most perfect toy.

1. "The Force is strong with this one…"
this campaign shows off simple what if scenarios using colors and positioning for scenarios from the Star Wars movies. Playful and thought provoking, these ads reminds us of a time of fun from "A long time ago…". Fun, they are...

"Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster"– indeed

True love knows no species; "Once you go Ewok..."

Han always had to toss Chewie a Bone...

Haha! Force choke this, Anakin–!

2. You should learn to LEGO.
In this series of fiction ad student concepts, adult themes are critically re-imagined with LEGO props. Thought provoking and mindful of the power of creative thinking… 


LEGO my cleavage

LEGO the trigger

3. LEGOs do a body good.
Nothing shares the versatility of the LEGO toy better than the LEGOs themselves. For me these ads just click (ahem—sorry about that one).

4. The REAL Never-Ending Story. This last series of award-winning LEGO ads tells highly imaginative stories using LEGOs as the foundation to creativity. These are seriously, some of the best ads I have EVER read (the last one really brings them all together).

If only the world could piece together an imperative on building and creativity as inspired by the ads. Just imagine a world where children actually learn to build things and and were entertained by something without buttons. It's easy if you try… 


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    1. Thanks, Guru! I have always thought that the best things we can teach our children is to build and create. These ads go deep with that sentiment..