Thursday, February 20, 2014

Godiva only knows

I usually despise when luxury brands do traditional mass market advertising. I find that it dilutes the brand message. Then I chanced upon this (ahem) sweet series of promotional posters for Godiva chocolates

While I still don't subscribe to advertising purely for the sake of advertising, this series of posters (again, damn near works of art unto themselves) make much more sense as posters, possibly for display in malls and specialty shop promenades. 

As a professional creative, I try to always encourage my kids to think outside the box (of chocolates). I think this is a fantastic example of how to do just that.  

This campaign is imaginative, unique and, in my eyes, highly successful. Hard to find all of those in one body of work–I believe this is one of those campaigns. What do you think?


(Suddenly, I'm overcome with a desire for chocolate and caramel.) 

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