Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pickup trucks may soon play nicer!

Three Reasons Pick-Ups May Soon NOT Be Public Enemy No.1

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows of my issues with pick-up trucks. The drivers (particularly of the larger or older ones) drive like bullies. They cut you off, drive up on you with their higher-than-other hi–beams blinding you, they're a blight on our environment getting commonly 14-17 mpg while spewing tons of CO2 into our air daily. 

What's worse, for some odd reason, there are no directionals built in to these metallic monsters because I have YET to see even one of them use a turn signal. Ever.

My theory is that the bigger the truck the bigger the jerk driving. Nothing has occurred to prove otherwise. And in case you're wondering, yes I do have friends and family members who drive these vehicles and I will say that–as always–no statement or stereotype is absolute. I will go a step further and say that drivers of smaller (more sensible) pickups tend to drive more like human beings (and not neanderthals) and often actually use pickups as utility vehicles

Hooray for progress!

Recent developments in technology (and public opinion) look to make Pickups more a part of 21st century civilization. Here are some reasons I hold hope for the future of pickups: 
  • 1. Pickups gettin' fancy. As more people buy pickups as SUV alternatives, they tend to want to take care of them more. Especially those with families who are apt to to drive with more responsibility then gruff, mean worker-men.
  • 2. Fossil fuel will make them dinosaurs. Ironic that the gas guzzlers will become extinct because as fuel costs rise, the tolerances for high fuel consumption drops. Dramatically.
  • 3. A kinder, gentler pickup. Ford recently announced they intend to build their new F-150 Series pickup with a lighter metal. Replacing 1,000  lbs of Steel with 700 lbs of Aluminum. This means lighter trucks not destined to total smaller cars. Especially if the truck is just as susceptible to damage as other vehicles.
One day soon, pickup drivers may drive with the same sense of community the rest of us do. Heck, I'd be happier with a 10% drop in sudden lane changes by pickups. See? I'm willing to take baby steps. How about you, pickup nation? 

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