Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good Thing There's No One Else Around. Right?

Ever notice how many of us are 'all alone' here on planet Earth? Over seven billion of us at last count. So many souls and yet… EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of us is all alone.  

You can tell by the way people talk on their phones in public that they are all alone. You can tell in movie theaters and even during church. You can see it in how people drive as they give no turn signal to other drivers, when walking through stores, malls and crowded streets, there's no chance of bumping into someone. It's not because you are too captivated by the important cell phone chat or text by your family/friend/co-worker. 

We are all alone, there is no one else on Earth with each of us.

Its a good thing, too. Because imagine the sheer dismay of others would go through on a daily basis if you spoke at full volume on your phone during a movie. If you drove down busy streets without the courtesy of turn signals to other drivers. Imagine the unspeakable horror from people driving while texting or even talking endlessly on cell phones while they drove around, putting the safety and lives of others at risk. 

Since the whole world belongs to you, you toss garbage out the window of your moving car... you can stick gum under the tables and counters of bars and restaurants because, well it's just you. Nope, no one else around because those behaviors would be rude—even disgusting. 

But thankfully there's just you.

Your parents taught you manners, taught you to be considerate of others. They taught you humility and that you should be compassionate for the needs of others. You'd never turn your vehicle without using a turn signal, right? You wouldn't let a small child talk or scream endlessly during a movie that others are trying to enjoy and had spent their hard-earned money paying for would you? Of course not. That would be downright disgraceful. Your parents didn't raise a heathen. 

Whew, all I can say is thank God that isn't you… nope, no sir–ee… we are all safe. Because, after all… we are, each of us, all alone in the world. 
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