Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The miraculous healing power of Go Karts

The old saying "break a leg" isn't meant to be taken literally. Even though recently, my daughter, like many 14 year-olds, took this thought a little too literally . One cool weekday morning, she's bounding down the stairs and misses the last step on her way to the car on our way to school/work.


Screaming. Crying. Teary eyes. Then came unintelligible words through snuffling, whimpering, etc.

Like any concerned parent I rush to her side. "Are you ok, sweetheart?!" I ask. "I heard lots of snapping and crunches!!" Really? Wow, from one missed step? I think to myself 'You clearly need more milk and dairy in your diet, kid.' "I think it's broken!!" She screams!

I examine the foot, nope not dangling or anything. We went back inside, looked for an ace ankle bandage (I have several from my years as a serious b-ball phenom). I wrapped it up and got her on her way none the worse for wear.

Apparently, you aren't supposed to put any significant pressure on a sprained... well, anything. After a few days, it gets worse. On a particularly busy morning, she decides she needs crutches. A good idea since the one crutch her Mom gave her was for someone 6 ft 7" (my daughter is just about 5 foot).

Ever gone searching for crutches? I never had before this. I always seemed to know someone who had them so they would just lend them to me. Never broke anything and the kids have been pretty good about that up until now so I just hadn't needed them. Well, now I am Walgreens at 6 am, where I was able to purchase adjustable aluminum crutches (who knew?). They work. However, our tale of pediatric wonder doesn't end here. No, you see, just as it starts to heal – she injures it again.


Screaming. Crying. Teary eyes

Unintelligible words through snuffling, whimpering, etc.

Thankfully, she now has a [set of] crutches to fall back on. Several days later, friends unexpectedly come in from out of town and want to take my kids and I go-cart racing.

And you know what?

A miracle happens!!! The swelling completely disappears, as does the pain, discomfort – she's healed. Hallelujah!!

When any of the child is in need some special healing – even rehab – might I strongly suggest you head toward your nearest Go Cart track. The curative properties are clearly not of this world.

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